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27 can't handle dis dick

Let me give you some advice.

Losing your virginity: Lose it to someone who you truly trust, or someone you completely in awe love. If not, then don’t do it or you’ll regret it.

Masturbating: Its completely normal, you don’t need to be embarrassed or anything, everyone does it. Its a great stress reliever too.

Getting over someone:

  1. Cry, but only to a limit.
  2. Do not stay home, if you’re home then you’ll most likely be alone. You need to go out with friends or family.
  3. Do you, you were fine before that person came along. And you can learn from them, know what not to do for the next. Let you be free for your own self.


  1. Stop giving a fuck about what others think.
  2. You have two options if you feel that low of yourself:
    • Either you fucking accept your flaws and be proud of them.
    • Or you change, not for the acceptance of others but because you feel good about yourself.

Chasing after someone: If you want to be with them, then show them that they’re worth it and you are too. But first, try being their friend first. But I advise you to do is tell them straight up you like them first but don’t say you want to be in a relationship right away. Try to get to know them first but as a friend, to let them you’re still going to be there as a friend but still let them be attracted to you at the same time. So what I’m basically saying is try to get to know them and let them fall for you without accidentally getting into the friendzone.

Making friends: Just be you. Don’t be friends with bitches for the wrong reasons. Just be you and people who truly accept you will befriend you.

Flirting, homewrecking, cheating: Do not homewreck someone’s relationship. You will find love in someone who will completely love you back. Don’t wreck another’s love. Cheating, if you want to cheat, then face the consequences. Just stay single if you want to flirt like crazy, don’t hurt someone because of your recklessness. If you flirt, make sure you don’t lead someone on, cause thats a bitch ass move.

Finding someone: I know its a bitch waiting, but you’ll find someone, be patient. Don’t get into a relationship because you’re lonely. Just wait and they’ll come.

Too cool for school: Trust me, you ain’t going to be all that when you flippin burgers at a fast food restaurant.

You only live once: Take chances. It might gain some or lose some, but at least you tried. Live a little, take risks.

Yo shit: Like the expensive valuables, keep that shit on lock.

Procrastination: It’s a bitch. LOL

Posted: Mon December 5
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